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NHMRC and ARC grant results for the School of Biomedical Science

Grants awarded in 2009 for funding 2010

NHMRC Project Grants

Prof John Bertram Human podocyte depletion, glomerular hypertrophy and glomerulosclerosis.
Amount:  $574, 738
Prof Peter Boag Post-transcriptional gene regulation in RNA-granules.
Amount:  $514,500
Assoc Prof Brian Cooke

Exported malaria kinases and red blood cell remodeling.
Amount: $ 394, 12

Assoc Prof Brian Cooke

SBP1 and altered structure and function of malaria-infected red blood cells.
Amount:  $424, 125 

Dr Fasseli Coulibaly Understanding the Assembly of Poxvirus Immature Particles.
Amount:  $304, 750
Prof Michael Cowley Does loss of melanocortin glucose sensing contribute to obesity induced diabetes?
Amount:  $595, 500
Assoc Prof Kate Denton  Renal AT2R are a therapeutic target for the treatment of hypertension in women.
Amount:  $584, 967
Dr David Elliott Isolation, expansion and characterization of human cardiac progenitor cells. 
Amount:  $553, 500
Assoc Prof Roger Evans Hypoxia is the common pathway to renal failure.
Amount:  $478, 125
Dr Duangporn Jamsai The mechanism of spermatid differentiation - A link to tumour suppression.
Amount:  $487, 250
Prof David Jans Nuclear functions of Dengue NS5 protein: role in disease.
Amount: $709, 500
Prof David Jans  Regulation of subcellular localisation of respiratory syncytial virus M protein: implications for pathology.
Amount:  $559, 500
Dr Barbara Kemp Are novel nitric oxide mimetics protective in vascular disease?
$611, 500
J Li New insights into the role of renal endothelial dysfunction in the pathogenesis of glomerular injury and renal fibrosis.
Amount:  $556, 375
J Li Resolving E1 is a novel anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic lipid mediator for the treatment of chronic kidney disease.
Amount: $449, 250
Dr Dena Lyras The pathogenesis of infections caused by Clostridium sordellii.
Amount: $386, 125
Prof Charles Mackay Regulation of immune and inflammatory responses by short chain fatty acids and GPR43.
Amount: $529, 500
Prof Christina Mitchell Role of the 72kDa 5-phosphatase in human diseases.
Amoun t:  $664, 875
Prof Christina Mitchell Role of the inositol polyphosphate 4-phosphatase type 2 in human breast cancer.
Amount:  $589, 500
E  Nice Quantitative proteomic analysis of faecal biiomarkers for colon cancer.  Amount:  $542, 500
Prof Moira O'Bryan A new model of asthenospermia and a candidate gene for multiple ciliopathies.
Amount: $606, 500
Prof Moira O'Bryan Cysteine-rich secretory protein regulation of ion channels in male fertility and prostate cancer.
Amount:  $457, 650
Dr John Price Heat Shock Transcription Factors in Bone Remodeling and Disease.
Amount:  $463, 125
Dr George Ramm Molecular Regulation of theSerine/Threonine Kinase ULK1 in Autophagy.
Amount:  $288, 750
Prof Gail Risbridger Defining Stromal-Cancer Cell Interactions for Xenografting Human Prostate Cancer.
Amount:  $539, 500
Prof Harald Schmidt Role and mechanism of NADPH oxidase in ischemic stroke and neurotrauma.
Amount:  $560, 250
Prof Jamie Smith Kisspeptin and its Receptor Mastermind Reproduction.
Amount:  $580, 500
Prof Chris Sobey Role of down syndrome-related protein in stroke outcome.
Amount:  $882, 500
Prof Tony Tiganis Characterisation of TCPTP as a tumour suppressor.
Amount:  $575, 500
Prof Tony Tiganis Regulation of insulin sensitivity by reactive oxygen species.
Amount:  $544, 500
Assoc Prof Matthew Watt Identifying a novel role for pigment epithelium-derived factor in obesity-related metabolic dysfunction.
Amount:  $348, 750
Prof James Whisstock Structural, Biochemical and Biophysical Studies on Perforin.
Amount:  $838, 000

NHMRC Fellowships

Prof Charles Mackay Australian Fellowship
Amount:  $4,000,000
Dr Michelle Dunstone The role of Membrane Attack Complex / Perforin like pore forming proteins in disease and immunity.
Amount:  $377,000
Assoc Prof Chris Sobey NHMRC Research Fellowship SRFA
Amount:  $560,000
Prof Ed Stanley NHMRC Research Fellowship SRFA
Amount:  $560,000
Prof Matthew Watt NHMRC Research Fellowship SRFA
Amount:  $560,000
K  Jackman Does progranulin protect the brain from inflammation and injury following transient cerebral ischaemia?
Amount:  $394, 559
Dr Lev  Kats Exploring the role of the tumour suppressor PML in maintenance of leukaemia initiating cells.
Amount:  $319, 487
J Li New insights into the role of renal endothelial dysfunction in the pathogenesis of glomerular injury and renal fibrosis.
Amount:  $377, 00
A Peleg Uncovering evolutionary defense mechanisms in prokaryote-eukaryote interactions; the potential for novel therapeutic targets.
Amount:  $315,000
M Sato Control of glucose uptake by G-protein coupled receptors.
Amount:  $328, 016
Dr Julia Archbold Structural investigation of pathogenic bacteria pili and secreted toxins.
Amount:  $292, 576
D Roth Role of the HSP90 chaperone system in COG function.
Amount:  $322, 268
C Webb Deciphering the molecular details of Type VSS autotransporter biogenesis in the EPEC strain.
Amount:  $285, 000
L Gray  Mechanisms involved in the development of HIV-associated dementia.
Amount:  $285, 000
A  Hoy  The role of circulating ceramides in insulin resistance and obesity.
Amount:  $285, 000

NHMRC Development Grants

Prof Charles Mackay Development of anti-CXCR7 monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of fibrosis.
Amount:  $394, 000
Assoc Prof Sharon Ricardo Novel methods for promoting organ development and growth.
Amount:  $383, 250

ARC Discovery Projects

Prof Mibel Aguilar The Design and Synthesis of Inhibitors of Human Immunodeficiency (HIV) Budding.
Amount:  $270,000
Dr Travis Beddoe Evolution of AB5 toxins.
Amount:  $390,000
Prof Steve Bottomley Analysing the detrimental effects of polyglutamine expansion.
Amount:  $300,000
Assoc Prof Brian Cooke Structural and functional alteration of red blood cells by Babesia parasites.
Dr Fasseli Coulibaly Microcrystallography of spheroids:crystalline armours of insect viruses.
Amount:  $315, 000
Prof Trevor Lithgow Ribonucleic acid (RNS)-binding proteins regulate protein targeting and organelle biosynthesis.
Amount:  $315, 000
Dr Dena Lyras Approved The role of virulence factors of Clostridium difficile in food animals.
Amount:  $330,000
Assoc Prof A Roujeinikova Understanding the molecular mechanism of force generation in the bacterial flagellar motor.
Amount:  $475, 566
S  Spencer Early life overfeeding - mechanisms for programming obesity and long-term immune dysfunction.
Amount:  $311, 000
Dr Ian Symth A knockout approach to identifying genes involved in epidermal development and homeostasis.
Amount:  $322, 500

ARC Future Fellowship

J Smith Masterminding reproduction: Kisspeptin and Rfamide-Related Peptide.
Amount:  $686, 400