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NHMRC and ARC grant results for the School of Biomedical Sciences 2008

The School of Biomedical Sciences performed strongly in the latest round of Federal Government grants.

The Government awarded $61,649,226 in total to the school, recognising its crucial role in breaking new ground in the most topical areas of biomedical research.

The school snared half of the NHMRC money allocated to Monash University for 2008, drawing in $28,962, 575. Meanwhile, its ARC grants rose by 18 per cent from last year to $4,180,000.

NHMRC Program Grants 2008

Professor James Whisstock The biology and therapeutic manipulation of lymphatic vessels in human disease.


Professor Edward Stanley Derivation of Pancreatic B-cells from Embryonic Stem Cells $2,941,880

NHMRC Project Grants 2008

Dr Peter Anderson

Determining the mechanisms leading to long-term impairment in very preterm children: the VIBeS longitudinal study.



Prof Ross Coppel

Functional & Structural Studies of a Glycosyltransferase Essential for Complex Glycolipid Biosynthesis in Mycobacteria



Dr Richard Ferrero

Bacterial outer membrane vesicles as immunomodulatory agents in Helicobacter pylori infection


Dr Cynthia Whitchurch

Examination of the role of biofilms in infection with enteropathogenic Escherichia coli


Dr Cynthia Whitchurch

Genetic dissection of biofilm development by non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae



Dr Cynthia Whitchurch

Characterisation of extracellular DNases of Pseudomonas aeruginosa & their contribution to disease



Dr Travis Beddoe

A functional & structural approach to understanding Leptospiral hostpathogen interactions



Dr Travis Beddoe

Structural characterization of novel AB5 cytotoxin - SubAB



A/Prof Phillip Bird

Regulation of leukocyte lifespan by granzyme B and PI-9



Prof David Jans

Negative regulators of nuclear import; potential links to cancer



Prof Christina Mitchell

Regulation of PtdIns(3,4)P2 signalling by inositol polyphosphate 4-phosphatase-1



Prof Jamie Rossjohn

An X-ray crystallographic investigation into the adaptive immune response to Epstein Barr Virus



Prof Evan Simpson

LKB1 - the link between obesity and breast cancer in postmenopausal women



Dr Kate Denton

Interaction between estrogen & the renin-angiotensin system in the regulation of arterial pressure



Dr Kate Denton

Altered renal development programs adult hypertension



A/Prof Stuart Hooper

Phase contrast X-ray imaging of the lung at birth



Dr Michelle Kett

Salt & Cardiovascular Disease: Does Acute Salt-Sensitivity Convey Greater Cardiovascular Risk?



Dr Richard Lang

Remodeling of pacemaker mechanismsvdriving ureteric peristalsis during pelviureteric obstruction



A/Prof Helena Parkington

Control of uterine contraction: role of interstitial cells



Prof Marcello Rosa

Plasticity of the primate cerebral cortex



Dr Wah Chin Boon

Influences of Oestrogen on Neurodegeneration and Behaviours



Dr Craig Harrison

Discriminating the roles of inhibin A and B in reproductive systems



Dr Dana Hutchinson

Understanding the mechanisms used by G-protein coupled receptors to regulate insulin-independent glucose transport



Prof Christopher Sobey

Does NADPH oxidase link gender, hormone replacement therapy and outcome after stroke?



Prof Christopher Sobey

Heme-oxidised soluble guanylyl cyclase, a mechanism-based target for vascular diagnostics & vasoprotective therapy



Prof Roger Summers

Novel actions of beta-adrenoceptor antagonists: implications for the treatment of cardiac failure



Dr Ed Stanley

Expansion, Differentiation and Functional Analysis of In Vitro Derived Pdx1+ Pancreatic Progenitors



Dr Alan Trounson

Role of Amnion Derived Stem Cells in Reducing Lung Fibrosis



NHMRC Research Fellowships 2008

Dr Kate Denton

Senior Research Fellowship - Level 1 - five years



Professor Arthur Christopoulous

Senior Research Fellowship B - five years


ARC Discovery Grants 2008

Dr Ashley Buckle

Development of high-throughput in silico methods for protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography



Prof Kerry Hourigan

Prof Mark Thompson

A/Prof Stuart Hooper

Dr James Preston

A/Prof Roger Evans

Dr Kate Denton

Dr Thomas Leweke

Engineering Imaging and Supercomuter Prediction of Biofluid Flows




Prof Marcello Rosa

Understanding how the primate brain processes visual information



Prof Jamie Rossjohn

A structural investigation into the peptide-loading complex molecular machine



Prof Peter Scammelis

Prof Arthur Christopoulos

Dr Bernard Flynn

Allosteric modulators as novel probes of G-Protein coupled receptor function



Dr Ian Smyth

Dr Pritinder Kaur

Prof Ian Jackson

The role of palmitoylation in hair follicale and epidermal stem cell biology




Dr Martin Stone

Development and Characterization of Chemokine Receptor Mimics



A/Prof Matthew Wilce

Dr Jackie Wilce

Dr Myriam Gorospe

Prof Bryan Williams

Protein - mRNA interactions and their role in post transcriptional regulation




ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellowships 2008

Dr Adrian Dyer

Prof Marcello Rosa

Colour visual processing by honeybees: solutions for decision making in complex environments

$586, 530


ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grants 2008

Dr Ashley Buckle

Prof James Whisstock

A/Prof Matthew Wilce

Prof Ian Smith

A/Prof Steve Bottomley

Prof Ross Coppell

Australian High Performance Computational Structural Biology Facility




ARC Linkage Grants 2008

Dr Hans Netter

Prof Eric Gowans

Antiviral compounds to inhibit the replicase of hepatitis C virus

$76, 881

Prof Els Meeusen

Characterisation and developement of adjuvants for new generation veterinary and human vaccines


ARC International Fellowships 2008

Prof Harald Schmidt

Dr Peter Schmidt

Dr Barbara Kemp-Harper

Dr Johannes-Peter Stasch

Sensing atmosphere - Understanding the HNOX-protein gas-sensing capability and  how it is affected by heme-oxidation


$108, 543