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NHMRC and ARC grant results for the School of Biomedical Sciences 2007

The School of Biomedical Sciences received 50% of Monash Univerisity's NHMRC funding for 2007.

NHMRC Program Grants 2007

A/Prof Richard Boyd Innovative stem cell-based strategies to establish immune tolerance and tissue repair. $5,233,402

NHMRC Project Grants 2007

Dr Robert Andrews Ligand interactions of platelet glycoprotein Ib-IX-V thrombosis. $349,500
Dr Mary Black The effects of pre-term birth on the baboon and human neonatal kidney. $335,850
Dr James Bourne Development and maturation of the visual cortex. $442,875
Dr David Bowser Astrocyte-Neuron communication: Unravelling the role of astrocytes in the modulation of neuronal circuits. $291,750
Dr Liz Hartland A novel CD39-like ecto-NTPDase of Legionella pneumophila. $276,750
A/Prof Wayne Hodgson Molecular toxinology of Australian box jellyfish venoms. $271,750
Prof David Jans The tumour cell-specific nuclear targeting properties of chicken anaemia virus VP-3: potential for anti-tumour therapy. $447,000
Prof David Jans Role of nucleocytoplasmic trafficking of Matrix protein in RSV infection. $476,500
A/Prof Martin Lackmann The role of protein tyrosine phosphatases regulating Eph RTK-signalling and modulating invasive tumour cell properties. $291,750
Dr Jin-Hua Li Contribution of bone marrow-derived cells to renal fibrosis and elucidation of cell signalling mechanisms. $411,000
Prof Christina Mitchell Characterization of the FHL protein family. $498,000
Prof Christina Mitchell The role of PIPP in cell polarization and proliferation. $513,000
Prof Christina Mitchell The role of the 72 kDa inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase in cellular function. $528,000
Dr Hans Netter Novel generic vaccine approaches applied for the prevention of hepatitis C and influenza virus infections. $376,875
Prof Brian Oldfield Central neural mechanisms underlying the effect of endocannabinoids on body weight. $363,250
Prof Patrick Sexton Molecular characterisation of receptor activity modifying proteins. (RAMPs). $496,500
Prof Patrick Sexton Understanding selective drug signalling at G protein-coupled receptors. $528,000
Prof Patrick Sexton Analysis of calcitonin receptor binding and function. $558,000
Prof Ian Smith Mechanisms and Regulation of ACE2 Shedding. $466,500
Dr Ian Smyth The role of the Frem proteins in development and disease. $457,000
A/Prof Christopher Sobey Is NADPH oxidase the trigger for accelerated atherosclerosis caused by bacteria? $447,000
Prof Roger Summers Understanding cell signalling mechanisms activated by relaxin family peptides: targets with therapeutic potential. $447,000
A/Prof Tony Tiganis Tyrosine kinases and phosphatases in cell cycle checkpoint responses. $493,500
Dr David Walker Creatine Synthesis and Transport in the Fetus - Critical Regulation of Energy Supply for Fetal Growth & Survival? $276,750
A/Prof James Whisstock Structural and Functional Studies on Glutamate Decarboxylase. $481,500
A/Prof Robert Widdop Anti-atherosclerotic effects of angiotensin fragments & non-AT1 receptors: Validation as innovative therapeutic targets. $492,000
A/Prof Matthew Wilce Functional biology of large serine recombinases from mobile antibiotic resistance elements. $419,625

NHMRC Research Fellowships 2007

A/Prof Stephen Bottomley $527,500
Dr Ashley Buckle $527,500
A/Prof Stuart Hooper $583,750
A/Prof David Walker $638,750
A/Prof James Whisstock $638,750
A/Prof Matthew Wilce $583,750

NHMRC Career Development Awards 2007

Dr Craig Clements An Investigation into the roles of class Ib MHC molecules in immunity. $445,000
Dr Grant Drummond Defining the roles of Nadph oxidase isoforms in vascular oxidative stress and pathology in hypertension. $445,000

ARC Project Grants 2007

A/Prof Steve Bottomley Molecular Investigations into Polyglutamine Repeat Proteins $300,000
Dr Craig Clements (ARC QEII Fellowship) Investigation of the fundamental roles of class Ib MHC (major histocompatibility complex). $733,000
Dr Liz Hartland Host cell targets of bacterial virulence effectors. $263,000

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grants 2007

Prof Jamie Rossjohn A high throughput protein crystallization & imaging facility. $1,200,000
Prof Harald Schmidt A National Biomedical Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Molecular Imaging Centre. $500,000
Prof Harald Schmidt Distributed Medical Image Analysis and Visualisation Engine (MedVis). $160,000

ARC Linkage Projects 2007

Prof Els Meeusen
Dr Amanda Walmsley
Prof Barrie Finnin
Prof John Hamill
A/Prof Gordon Sanson
Dr Steven Webb
Plant Cells for Improved Oral Delivery of Vaccines $443,000
A/Prof Mibel Aguilar New membrane Chips for Protein Interaction Analysis. $210,000

ARC Linkage International Awards 2007

A/Prof Marcello Rosa Understanding how the brain uses sensory information to guide reaching and grasping movements. $28,000

ARC International Fellowships 2007

A/Prof Wayne Hodgson Pharmacological and biochemical characterisation of Australian mygalomorph spider venoms. $137,771