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NHMRC and ARC grants for 2006

NHMRC Program Grants 2006

Prof Richard Harding Novel strategies for improving respiratory support and outcomes for very preterm babies. $7,895,340 

NHMRC Project Grants 2006

Prof David Jans Microtubules in nuclear transport. $481, 500
A/Prof Marcello Rosa How brain cells analyse the visual scene. $396, 150
A/Prof Marcello Rosa A network of brain areas involved in the analysis of visual space. $337, 500
Prof Iain Clarke Kisspeptin regulation of reproduction. $473, 250
Prof Michael Berndt Regulation of platelet adhesion by the GPIbalpha cytoplasmic tail. $506, 000
Prof Christina Mitchell New signal regulating enzyme. $495,000
Dr Tony Tiganis Regulation of insulin signalling and glucose homeostasis. $492, 750
Dr Tony Tiganis Regulation of TNF and SFK signalling. $444, 750
A/Prof David Small Lipid rafts, amyloid neurotoxicity and Alzheimer's disease. $311, 250
Dr Grant Drummond Identifying the source of oxyradicals in high blood pressure. $392, 625
A/Prof David Walker Modifying amother's diet to protect baby's brain. $473, 500
Dr Timothy Stinear Establishing how bacterial toxins cause the disease known as Buruli ulcer. $498, 750
Prof John Bertram Exploring the physiological, morphological and molecular bases of renal development programming. $414, 500
Dr Richard Ferrero Identification of novel colonisation factors in Helicobacter pylori. $328, 875
A/Prof Robert Widdop Opposing effects of angiotension in cardiovascular disease and aging. $507, 750
Dr Martin Lackmann Eph:ephrin interactions during tumour progression. $632, 875
Dr Martin Lackmann Regulation of cleavage of receptor ligands in tumour cells. $447, 750

NHMRC Research Fellowships 2006

Dr Roger Evans $517, 500
Prof David Jans $707, 500
Dr Kate Loveland $517, 500
Dr Martin Lackmann $517, 500
Dr Tony Tiganis $517, 500
A/Prof David Walker $125, 250
Prof Ian Smith $626, 250
Dr Jamie Rossjohn $572, 500
Dr Brian Oldfield $626, 250

NHMRCCareer Development Awards 2006

Dr Karen Moritz $436, 250
Dr Peter Janes $436, 250
Dr Timothy Stinear $436, 250

ARC Projects 2006

Prof Iain Clarke Estrogen signalling in gonadotropes. $382, 000
Dr Tim Cole Regulation of stress hormone receptors in the brain. $208, 000
A/Prof Stuart Hooper Phase contrast x‑ray imaging of the lung. $320, 000
Prof Christina Mitchell The role of PtdIns(4,5)P2 in cellular responses in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. $260, 000
Prof Brian Oldfield The cortical location of hunger and thirst: a multifunctional study in sheep. $222, 000
Dr Jamie Rossjohn A structural investigation into events within the immunological synapse. $1, 732, 000
Prof Harald Schmidt A redox sensor and triple receptor function for guanylyl cyclase. $298, 000
Dr James Whisstock Structural and functional studies on prokaryote serpins. $294, 000

ARC Professorial Fellows 2006

Dr Jamie Rossjohn A structural investigation into events within the immunological synapse

ARC Linkage Grants

 Prof Els Meeusen Development of proto-type vaccine against
gastrointestinal nemtode larvae