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NHMRC and ARC Grants for 2005

NHMRC Program Grants 2005

Prof Ross Coppell Malaria: From target identification to therapeutics. $4,962,360

NHMRC Project Grants 2005

Prof Warwick Anderson Role of renal nerves and blood vessels in long-term blood pressure level. $387,750
Dr Helena Parkington Vitamin D: programming of vascular disease. $433,500
A/Prof Marie-Isabel Effect of membrane lipids on G protein coupled receptors. $384,000
A/Prof Ramesh Rajan Howthe brain codes for fine touch perception. $247,250
Dr Cynthia Whitchurch Control of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence. $341,000
Prof Christina Mitchell Characterization of a novel enzyme that regulates cell differentiation. $447,750
Dr Martin Lackmann Eph receptors and tumour cell invasion. $432,750
Dr Jamie Rossjohn Understanding the immune response to a common herpes virus. $541,500
Dr Richard Ferrero Host defence against infection from the ulcer-causing bacterium, Helicobacter pylori. $239,250
Dr James Deane Using bone marrow transplantation to understand and treat kidney disease. $344,000
A/Prof Stuart Hooper Effect of preterm birth, corticosteroids and stretch on airway epithelial cells in the fetus and newborn. $477,750
Dr Harold Coleman Mechanisms contributing to strong contraction of vascular smooth muscle. $283,000

ARC Project Grants 2005

A/Prof Mibel Aguilar The design and synthesis of angiotensin converting enzyme-2 (ACE2) inhibitors. $410,000
A/Prof Marcello Rosa Processing of social communication calls in primate auditory cortex. $120,000
Dr Helana Parkington Do depolarizing currents in the endothelium evoke contraction of vascular smooth muscle? $310,000