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Medical Affairs Officer

Medical Affairs Officers provide medical information support and scientific input into brand strategies in order to ensure the successful commercialisation of a company’s product. Furthermore, Medical Affairs Officers acquire, evaluate and disseminate medical and product knowledge in order to advance and enable appropriate business decisions within pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The responsibilities of Medical Affairs Officers in regard to enabling such decisions include:

  • Commercialisation of key brands by providing expert scientific knowledge of the product and the environment to which it is targeted, including competitor information. This includes input into the marketing strategy, the development of promotional claims and engaging external stakeholders into the strategy.
  • Control of promotional practices to ensure ethical and credible promotion of the product through the review of promotional material and adherence to essential marketing campaign strategies.
  • Protection of the company’s product and reputation through the management of issues that pose a potential threat to the company’s brand, for example intellectual property issues and competing products, in order to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace. This includes the development of a challenge strategy against competitors, defence of challenges against the company and general issues management.
  • Maintaining an effective sales force by delivering tailored scientific knowledge to sales representatives’ needs so that they can sell the product effectively with confidence and credibility. This includes the training of sales representatives, answering sales representative product enquiries, providing information presentations and up to date product knowledge.

Medical Affairs Officers work with a range of different departments within companies in order to ensure maximum information exchange and development. Medical Affairs Officers often have to deal with departments such as regulatory affairs, government and public affairs, health outcomes and pricing, clinical research, marketing, other medical information departments, sales and external customers.