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Dr Bruce Thompson

Respiratory Physiologist - Alfred Hospital

Bruce Thompson

Dr Bruce is the head of Physiology Services at the Alfred Hospital, where his group performs lung function tests on more than 7000 patients per year.

As a respiratory physiologist, Dr Thompson’s main role is to test people in lung function. Some tests include; ventilatory function, lung volume and capacities and diffusing capacity. Each test is unique and has different machines and different measurements.

“I am passionate about this area of work because, it combines my interests in electronic work with physiology and there is a strong element of problem solving”, Dr Thompson says.

Dr Thompson completed a degree with a combination of Physiology and Electronics and stumbled upon lung function while doing some clinical rounds.

After finishing his degree he worked in a repatriation hospital and completed his PhD. He then studied his for a Masters and worked for 13 years in the area of ‘sleep’.

A base degree is all that is required to work as a basic lung function scientist.

“Lung function is a great area to get into because there are not many of us, and it is an area which is expected to grow”, he says.