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Psych: Master Of Psychology (Health)

The aim of the Master of Psychology (Health) degree is to provide training across the continuum that defines health psychology (i.e., clinical health psychology and health promotion.)

Both the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Health Psychologists advocate training in health psychology based on the "scientist-practitioner" model. To be acceptable to these bodies, postgraduate courses must adopt an evidence-based approach to training. Therefore this course includes training in epidemiological and statistical methods so that students can evaluate current and future work in the field. These skills will also enable students to remain up-to-date in their area and to design their own research projects where required.

Throughout the course there will be reference to the differences between the health status of people living in rural and regional centres and those living in urban areas. How the practice of psychology differs in these locations will also be discussed. The course content is therefore relevant to practitioners of psychology living in all areas of Australia.

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