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This aims to define hurdle assessment requirements and the implications for students studying units owned by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science. To provide guidance in relation to the number of attempts permitted in line with the university assessment regulations.

Definition of Hurdle Assessment

Hurdle assessments are compulsory requirements within individual units that must be met in order to achieve satisfactory results in those units. They are normally mastery of professional skills or attainment of required attributes. These requirements fulfil one or more unit learning objectives and they may be activities that are class based or that need to be undertaken outside regular scheduled class times.

Any in course assessment tasks that are hurdles should be clearly identified as assessment items and noted in the unit guide and university publications.

Number of attempts

Where a unit has a hurdle requirement, the maximum number of attempts permitted must be clearly outlined in unit guides distributed to students at the commencement of the unit. Repeat attempts are granted only at the discretion of the School/Department or Faculty and must comply with the University assessment regulations. Any repeat hurdle requirement is taken as further assessment.

Clinical/fieldwork hurdle assessments

Many units within the Faculty have clinical or fieldwork hurdle assessment requirements (in order to pass the units). Repeat attempts are granted only at the discretion of the School/Department or Faculty and must comply with the University assessment regulations. Any repeat fieldwork/clinical requirement is taken as further assessment.

Where a student is removed from a clinical/fieldwork placement due to unprofessional behaviour (see the Clinical/fieldwork Placement Guidelines and Procedures document), there is no requirement to offer the student a repeat opportunity. This consideration will be at the discretion of the School/Department or Faculty. Having failed the hurdle requirement the student will be awarded a fail grade for the unit.

Where a student is required to repeat a unit as a result of a clinical/fieldwork fail, a maximum of one repeat attempt is allowed. If the second attempt is unsuccessful the students will be directed to seek counselling from their relevant Course Coordinator to examine future options.


  Attendance Hurdle

A unit may have an attendance hurdle requirement where it is considered that the student needs to attend a specified amount of classes/tutorials/laboratory sessions when it is the only means of obtaining specific learning objectives within the unit. Attendance requirements are normally specified as a percentage and will be clearly indicated in the unit manual. If the hurdle requirement is attendance, then the requirement must be brought to the students’ attention at the beginning of the semester.

Failure to meet hurdle requirement

Failure to meet a hurdle requirement will result in the student failing the unit. Students failing a hurdle requirement will not be permitted supplementary assessment. Failure of a unit may impede student progression

Responsibility for implementation


Deputy Dean Education

Heads of School/ Department

Faculty Director

Director, Academic Progress

Faculty Secretariat

Course Convenors and Administrators

Selection Officers

Governing Documents

Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Assessment Policy

Monash University Assessment Policy

University Assessment Regulations

Related Documents

Professional Behaviour Intervention Guidelines and Procedure

Clinical/Fieldwork Placement Guidelines and Procedures

Record Management


Faculty Undergraduate Education Committee 6/2007

Postgraduate Coursework Degrees Committee 1/08

Faculty Board 1/08


25 - June - 2012