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Research partner – The Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University

In June 2005 Newcastle University (UK) and Monash University (Australia) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish close collaboration and cooperation on teaching, learning, research and community development. The two universities also signed an agreement to establish collaboration and cooperation in health science, particularly in regenerative medicine, stem cell sciences, healthy ageing, neurosciences, paediatric psychiatric illnesses, and developments in medical and health sciences education.

Connecting the Hemispheres Initiative Conference Report

To progress the developing relationship between neuroscientists in the two universities, a two day conference was arranged under the title ‘Connecting the Hemispheres’. The ‘Connecting the Hemispheres’ Conference was held on the 10-12th July 2007 and included 26 delegates from the Institute of Neuroscience and 26 delegates from Monash University, all working in the fields of neuroscience and mental health. The conference was designed to foster a strategic partnership between the two institutions, and the format enabled the groups to discuss areas of common and complimentary research and ways that these may be implemented.

This report summarises potential areas of collaborative working which were discussed at the Conference and in correspondence and research visits which have taken place in the period July-Dec 2007. This report sets the framework for an inter-university strategic research partnership in neuroscience and represents an important milestone in this process.

PDF Connecting the Hemispheres Report

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