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Monash researcher is million dollar man

4 December 2009

Dr Travis Beddoe, a National Health and Medical Research Council Career Development Fellow in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has been awarded $1 million to carry out biomedical research in Australia.

As a winner of a 2010 Pfizer Australia Research Fellowship, Dr Beddoe will receive funding over a five year period.

Dr Beddoe is currently working to understand glycobiology, which is the study of the biological role of carbohydrates and glycosides, and its immediate relevance to bacterial physiology and pathogenesis. This work may ultimately enable rational design of novel therapeutics for tuberculosis.

"The Pfizer Australia Research Fellowship invests in Australian science by providing grants to outstanding young biomedical scientists such as Dr Beddoe so they may commit to a research career locally," said Dr Daniel Grant, Pfizer Australia Head of Strategic Alliances. "The Fellowships will enable Dr Beddoe to continue his research at his current university or another institution, by providing a five-year grant of AU $1million, which covers salary, travel and other establishment costs."

More information on the Fellowships is available from the Pfizer Australia Research Fellowships website.


Dr Travis Beddoe

Dr Travis Beddoe