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Medical student to attend world conference

30 July 2008

Gippsland-based medical student Anneliese Willems will represent Australian medical students at an international conference in Jamaica in August.

Ms Willems is part of a 16-person delegation from Australia to the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations assembly. Ms Willems said the meeting was a step towards taking on a possible leadership position within the association next year.

If successful, Ms Willems will then have the opportunity to seek the position of Director of the Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) with the association from November 2009.

"I would love the opportunity to serve the medical student community as a liaison between medical students across the globe and public health organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the UN," Ms Willems said.

Director of the Gippsland Regional Clinical School Associate Professor Daryl Pedler said it was wonderful to see local students keen to take their place on the world stage.

"Our students are aware of the global health issues and take an interest in how they, through Monash University and from Australia, can contribute locally and globally," Associate Professor Pedler said.

"It also means students like Anneliese can gain an enormous amount of knowledge that they bring back to their local communities."

For more information on studying medicine at Monash, visit the Gippsland Medical School website.


Medical student Anneliese Willems

Medical student Anneliese Willems