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Biannual Second Year Sex Gender and Medicine Seminars

In first and second semester of 2 nd Year the student cohort is divided in 2 for a week and while half the cohort go to spend a week in a rural medical clinical placement the other half remain at the university and undertake a week of study on about the different challenges presented by rural and remote practice. During this week the PCL they undertake introduces the concept of the gender of the doctor and its impact on practice, particularly rural practice.

In addition to the PCL students attend a half day seminar which introduces them explicitly to the concepts of sex and gender and their implications for men’s health, women’s health and medical practice. Examples of how they have encountered gender mainstreaming in the curriculum already and how they can incorporate gender competence into their own study and practice are given. This seminar is conducted in both first and second semester. Second Year teaching commenced in 2003 and continued in 2004. Below are some of the materials from the Semester 3 Sex Gender and Medicine Seminar from 2004.

Sample Programme

Sample Powerpoint Presentations: