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Mainstreaming Process Reports

Mainstreaming a gender perspective into any medical curriculum entails quite a cultural shift and it is important that faculty in key positions demonstrate support for the process. The strategy devised for achieving this at Monash was complex and involved a series of presentations at curriculum committee meetings and one-on-on meetings with key faculty members. Mainstreaming a gender perspective into the medical curriculum can only be successful if the staff responsible for teaching the curriculum understand and support the concepts being introduced.

Most of the ground breaking work in this area pre-2001 was done as part of the Women in Rural General Practice / Gender Issues in Rural Practice Project by the Project Manager, Dr Jo Wainer and is reported on extensively in the Project Report to the government. Since 2001 much of the curriculum development and mainstreaming work has been conducted by the Gender Working Party of the Medicine Course Management Committee Project Officer, Dr Ann-Maree Nobelius

Mainstreaming is a long and difficult process which is hampered by the fact that there is very little information available about how to manage the process. The following reports provide information about the process of mainstreaming a gender perspective into the medical curriculum at Monash. Most of this documentation has been assembled as the mainstreaming and curriculum development process evolved at Monash. Much of it critically reflects on significant events in the mainstreaming process at Monash. This information will provide insight for anyone introducing a gender perspective into their own curriculum.

Reports are defined by topic of discussion.

Content by Ann-Maree Nobelius, 23 June 2004