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Some Commonly Misunderstood Facts About Gender

  • 'Gender' does not mean sex, female or feminism
  • Everyone has a gender (MEN HAVE A GENDER TOO!)
  • Everyone’s sex and gender has a life-long impact on their health
  • 'A gender perspective in medicine' is not a euphemism for women’s health, feminism or for men needing to ‘get in touch with their feminine side’
  • Misuse of terms is widespread

Common Misuses of Terminology

There are a number of instances where sex and gender are used interchangeably and sometimes inappropriately:

  1. When causality is unclear
  2. Social ‘discretion’ on public documentation
  3. Linguistic and social association of 'gender' with 'women's issues'
  4. Over-interpretation in policy or programme documentation
  5. Medical Literature

Content by Ann-Maree Nobelius, 23 June 2004