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ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE)

bottle of aspirin


ASPREE is a 5 year primary prevention clinical trial aimed at assessing whether daily treatment of aspirin prolongs healthy lifespan through the prevention of heart attack, stroke, cognitive decline, physical decline and some cancers such as bowel cancer. ASPREE is an international multicentre trial which will be conducted in general practice in Australia and clinical trial centres and primary care clinics in the United States.

ASPREE is a randomised trial, meaning participants are randomly allocated to a type of treatment, either aspirin or a placebo.

A placebo is an inactive, harmless substance containing no medication.

Men and women are eligible to take part of this study if they are:

  • aged 70 years or over
  • Be able to attend your usual GP

Unfortunately people cannot take part in this trial if they:

  • have blood vessel disease
  • have a serious illness
  • are taking aspirin, are allergic to it or cannot take it
  • have had or are at risk of serious bleeding
  • are taking other 'blood thinning' medication