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Police checks

Police Checks are required annually

The Department of Human Services requires students who have a clinical placement requirement as part of their course undertake an annual police check. Further information will be provided during the enrolment process.

Note: If you are enrolled in a course offered by the School of Nursing and Midwifery, please seek advice directly from course administrators on the preferred Police Check provider.

How to apply

Step 1 - Obtaining a National Police Certificate (NPC)

To obtain a National Police Certificate ( NPC) you need to apply directly to the Victorian Police by downloading the application form. The student concession fee for this service is AUD$16.40.

Go to this page to download the police check application form to receive the student concession rate (resticted access).

Section E, Option 2

Tick 'other' and list your course.

Once you have completed the form including satisfying 100 points of certified ID, please send the application to the Public Enquiry Service (address on  page 2 of the application form).

Please note:

  • Ensure the National Police Certificate sent to you and not to the University.

Step 2. Verifying your Certificate with the University

Once you received your National Police Certificate (NPC) please take it to your school/department for sighting.

Please take the Police Check to your placement venue for their sighting on request.

Where it is not possible for students to attend their administration course office to present their certificate for sighting students will need to contact their Course Administrator for alternative arrangements.