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Online Resources

Monash Learning Links – A list of useful resources for study

Monash Handbook for Doctoral Degrees

Monash Postgraduate Association – seminars and social events, resources and advice

Language and Learning Online - resources for writing, reading and note taking, grammar, spoken presentations

‘QuickRef’ Study Skills Handouts
Quick help

Learning Support for HDR Students (especially in qualitative research): Set up for Success; Design your Project; Build Thinking and Writing Skills; Develop Oral communication skills; Write the Thesis
Learning Support for HDR Students

For some types of writing in medicine

Information seeking skills and tools
Library online tutorials

The 7 principal citation styles
Citing and referencing: how to acknowledge your sources

For practising English in your spare time
Vacation English 

The expert series

Podcasts of the expert series

Useful books

Creating effective conference abstracts and posters in biomedicine : 500 tips for success,
Jane Fraser Louise Fuller Georgina Hutber, 2009

Writing for publication in nursing,
Marilyn H. Oermann Judith C Hays, 2nd ed. 2010.

Writing a Biomedical research paper: A guide to structure and style.
Brian Stephen Budgell 2009. 

How to write a lot
Paul Silvia 2007  Caulfield Library General Collection  (808.042 S587H 2007 ), Gippsland Library (808.042 S587H 2007 )

A PhD Is Not Enough!: A Guide to Survival in Science,
Peter J. Feibelman, 2011

Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School,
Adam Ruben, Broadway Books, NY, 2010

Scientific Writing for Graduate Students.
F. P. Woodford. Bethesda, MD: Council of Biology Editors, 1968

Scientific Style and Format.
Council of Biology Editors. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994

"The science of scientific writing."
George Gopen and Judith Swann. The American Scientist, Vol. 78, Nov.-Dec. 1990. Pp 550-558

"What's right about scientific writing."
Alan Gross and Joseph Harmon. The Scientist, Dec. 6 1999. Pp. 20-21

"A Quick Fix for Figure Legends and Table Headings." Donald Kroodsma. The Auk, 117 (4): 1081-1083, 2000

Other Useful Sites

Resources for research writing

Using Powerpoint

Designing scientific posters

Discussion skills

Spoken academic English

Some ways of taking notes

How to use lecturer feedback on your written work

It’s a thesis not a nobel prize

Elsevier site: Reviewing statistics

Critical Appraisal tools

Thesis Writing
Help with the thesis-writing process

ProQuest dissertations and theses

Theses Online

How to Write a PhD Thesis (Physics)

Some general thesis-writing advice

First thoughts to finished writing

Quick guide for the beginning science PhD student

Thesis-writing in the social sciences

Annotated bibliography

Writing a literature review

Writing a research proposal

Revision of scientific report writing

Designing Posters

Academic Writing and Using Sources

Curtin Lib referencing (all styles)



Plagiarism : Problems and solutions

Useful academic expressions

Academic Writing and Grammar

Using ‘reporting verbs' and transition words in your writing

More on reporting verbs

Comprehensive guide to comma use:


Check how to use a words/s with the Virtual Language Centre concordancer

Using dependent and independent clauses

Grammar quizzes

Common errors in English (for the pedants)

Speaking and Pronunciation

Listening to Australian English

BBC British English Learning site  - pronunciation

Based on classic Pronunciation text

ELSSA, UTS Pronunciation Resources

Different world accents

Listen to current (general public) health topics (American English)

Pronouncing dictionary (British English)

Listening to the Australian accent

Australian slang and regionalisms

A quick tour of Aussie culture:

BBC audio program: Talk about English

Clinical interactions

See demo models in:

Clinical Conversations in English

Health Issues centre: see link on right hand menu:

Jargon Busters

Advice for Patients

IELTS Preparation

An Australian one

An American one

Test-taking hints

Check out the sites at the bottom of this page:



Guide to Studying and living in Australia


A range of programs for different learner levels:

BBC British English Learning site (includes current affairs)