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What is the structure of the Biomedical Honours course?

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science Honours program within the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences is unique in that it is devoted almost entirely to the research project. We have kept coursework and examinations to a minimum so that your major focus (75% of total assessment) will be on your chosen research project.

The Biomedical Science Honours Course (code 3418) comprises two units:

  • BMS4100 = 75% of overall course mark
  • BMS4200 = 25% of overall course mark

Component  Assessment
BMS4100 Biomedical Research Project (36 points)
Literature Review 10% School/Department
Seminar 1 S or NS School/Department
Seminar 2 10% School/Department
Thesis 80% School/Department
Total 100%  
BMS4200 Advanced Studies in Biomedical Science (12 points)
Discipline-Specific component 40% School/Department
Common Core Component    
Statistics course and assignment 30% Faculty
Written Critique exam 30% Faculty
Total 100%  

Individual Student Research Project (75%)

  • This can be undertaken at any approved location, including all departments, affiliated institutes, and centres of the Faculty. Under some circumstances projects may also be undertaken in other Faculties.
  • Must be conducted under the supervision of a member of the academic or research staff of the Faculty who has had experience in supervising honours students.
  • The choice of project and supervisor will largely be left to you. You will need to identify the areas of research you are interested in and seek out opportunities for projects in those areas.
  • Assessment of your research project will be through a literature review, seminars and the final thesis.


Discipline Specific Component (10%)

Your School/Departmental coordinators will be responsible for this component via the Schools system or within Departments based within each of the Schools. This could take the form of advanced lecture series, learning specialized techniques or critical analysis of a discipline specific journal article.

Common Core Component (15%)

This component of your assessment will be based on topics unrelated to your individual research project. It will involve a statistics module, an accompanying workshop and test and, a written critique of a scientific paper, in a three-hour examination format.


Application Close Date

Semester 1, 2018
To be confirmed

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