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Teaching Facilities

The lectures delivered in the B.Biomed.Sci. are held in 'high tech' lecture theatres that utilise modern information technology to assist the lecturer in presenting material to students.


Students undertake a range of exciting practical classes during the course of the B.Biomed.Sci. Practical classes are held in purpose built laboratories based in each of the Departments. The laboratories are furnished with modern equipment and many use computer based simulation and other IT technology to deliver a range of attractive practical classes.


The University provides students with access to extensive on-campus library facilities. The libraries hold an comprehensive range of printed books and journals and a large range of electronic resources such as on-line journals and data bases. The B.Biomed.Sci. students primarily utilise the Hargrave-Andrew Library which specialises in biomedicine and other sciences.

The library may be visited at
Hargrave-Andrew Library at

Computer Facilities

There are a number of computer laboratories in the Faculty and in other areas of the University that B.Biomed.Sci. students can access current PC technology. Students may use the computers to access on-line course notes and interactive learning programs, check their email, or undertake research on the world wide web.

Department Resources

The Departments of the Faculty have various resources which students may use to assist them in their study. For instance, the Department of Anatomy provides students with access to the Anatomy Museum where they may study from human specimens and medical images such as x-rays.

Language and Learning Services Unit

The Language and Learning Services Unit (LLS) is a university service that offers programs free of charge to students wishing to improve the quality of their academic English. Teaching is available for both native and non-native speakers of English. Assistance is offered in the areas of written and oral expression, reading, giving oral presentations, listening to lectures and taking notes, and approaches to study. A number of programs are designed specifically for students whose first language is not English.

The LLS may be visited at