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Featured Journal Article in Cell Metabolism from the Tiganis Laboratory

Ros diagram
tony tiganis and kim loh

Prof Tony Tiganis and Mr Kim Loh

The paper "Reactive Oxygen Species Enhance Insulin Sensitivity" authored by Prof Tony Tiganis and colleagues has been accepted as the featured article in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism, Volume 10, Issue 4: October 6, 2009

The journal Cell Metabolism has an impact factor of 16.1 and therefore represents an outstanding achievement by this group of researchers from the Department.

Prof Tiganis acknowledged that support from the Department contributed to this outstanding outcome.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are thought to contribute to the
progression of various human diseases. An extensive number of markers
link mitochondrial ROS to type 2 diabetes/obesity, and direct evidence
exists for the involvement of ROS in the promotion of insulin resistance.
Paradoxically, ROS generated by NADP(H) oxidases at the plasma membrane
and endomembranes may also be required for normal intracellular
signaling. Here we report that ROS can enhance insulin-induced signaling
in muscle and attenuate the development of diet-induced insulin
resistance. Increases in physiological ROS production in muscle, early in
the progression of type 2 diabetes, may therefore be beneficial.

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