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Three Minute Thesis Competition 2010

Sandra Hakim   Stephanie Kondos

Sandra Hakim (left) and Stephanie Kondos (right)

The Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology heats of the MBio Three-Minute Thesis Competition were held on Wednesday 21st July.  The two top contestants were Sandra Hakim (Mitchell Lab) for her thesis 'Inpp5e: Regulator of cilia and polycystic kidney disease development' and Stephanie Kondos (Whisstock Lab) for her thesis 'MACPF pore-forming toxins, a "hole" story'. 

The judging criteria (equal weighting) consisted of:

  1. Communication style – was the thesis topic and its significance communicated in language appropriate for an intelligent but non-specialist audience?
  2. Comprehension – did the presentation help the audience understand the research?
    Engagement – did the speech make the audience want to know more?