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Science Units

The following units are taught by the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department in the Bachelor of Science degree

  • BCH2011 – Structure – Function of Cellular Biomolecules
  • BCH2022 – Metabolic Basis of Human Diseases
  • BCH3021 – Cellular Organisation: Organelle Structure and Function in Health and Disease
  • BCH3031 – Advanced Molecular Biology: Modern concepts and applications
  • BCH3042 – Cell Signal Transduction: Role in Cancer and Human disease
  • BCH3052 – Advanced Protein Biology: From Sequence to Structure and Disease
  • BCH3990 – Action in Biochemistry Research Project
  • MOL2011 – Molecular Biology: genes and their expression
  • MOL2022 – Molecular Biology: gene technology and its application

More information about the structure of the BSc, BSc(Hons) and other Science faculty courses can be found in the Monash Undergraduate Handbook

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