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Postgraduate Studies

Students wishing to complete advanced research training should enrol for either a research Masters or PhD. Normally an Honours degree at level IIA or I, or its equivalent, is a pre-requisite for enrolment in these programs.

Interested students should contact the Departmental Co-ordinator for Graduate Matters for further information.

Professor Mibel Aguilar
Telephone: +61 3 9905 3723

The M. Biomedical Science degree

Students wishing to complete a research Masters degree in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences are enrolled in the Masters of Biomedical Science program.

This degree is completed entirely by laboratory research and assessed by thesis. The minimum period of candidature is 12 months but the degree would only be completed in this period in exceptional circumstances.

The candidate may hold a scholarship or may receive financial support from some other source. There is provision for part-time candidature where the candidate holds a part-time position (frequently in the department). In this situation, the project undertaken for the degree may or may not be identical to that for which the candidate is employed.