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The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is very active in a variety of research areas, has made significant contributions in these areas and is well respected internationally as a research centre.

These research interests include the structure and function of glycoprotein hormones, and other novel regulators of fertility; mechanism of protease action; peptide drug design and synthesis; the biochemistry of growth factors involved in reproduction and tumorigenesis; modern bioseparation science and its interface in modern biotechnology; the molecular biology of mitochondria; the human interferons; the biochemistry of apoptosis and immunosuppression; the organization and function of extracellular macromolecules; the biochemistry and pathobiology of cartilage and glomerular basement membranes; parasitic diseases; obesity and diabetes; autoimmune diseases; biochemistry of hyaluronan; mechanism of bioenergy production; intracellular signalling and cell growth.

Within the department is the Centre for Bioprocess Technology where fundamental research using modern biochemical approaches is interfaced with applied work involved with the development of novel products used in medicine and industry.

Research Projects in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Dr M. Aguilar

Dr S. Bottomley

Dr P. Bird

Dr W.D. Comper

Associate Professor R.J. Devenish, Professor P. Nagley and Dr M. Prescott

Dr J.R.E. Fraser, Dr T.J. Brown

Professor D.A. Jans

Dr A. Lawen

Professor C.A. Mitchell

Professor P. Nagley

Associate Professor F.M. Ng

Dr R.N. Pike, Dr S.P. Bottomley, Associate Professor E.J. Mackie

Dr M. Rowley

Dr M. Rowley, Dr Ian Mackay & Professor P.Z. Zimmet

Dr T. Spithill

Dr T. Tiganis

Dr M-P. Van Damme

Dr J.C. Whisstock