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The School of Biomedical Sciences’ First Go8 Fellow Joins the Traven Lab

Branka Jelicic

Each year, eight European Group of Eight (Go8) Fellowships are awarded for European scientists to come to work at Australian Go8 Universities to further research collaboration between Australia and Europe.

Early career researcher Dr. Branka Jelicic has been awarded the prestigious Go8 Fellowship to join Dr. Ana Traven's lab for a six-month period. Branka is the first recipient of a Go8 Fellowship in our Department and, in fact, in the School of Biomedical Sciences.  In the Traven lab, Branka will study how the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans makes drug-resistant biofilms, with a view to identifying new avenues for future antifungal drug development.

In the May edition of the Biochem newsletter, Branka will introduce herself to the Department.
Link to Dr Ana Traven's Webpage