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ARC Super Sciences Fellowship

Lithgow and Whisstock


Two research teams in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology have attracted almost $1.7 million in ARC funding to recruit six early career researchers as part of the new ARC Super Sciences Fellowship scheme.

Professor James Whisstock will lead a multi-disciplinary group from Monash University, who will endeavour to engineer pore-forming proteins to deliver proteins and nanoparticles in cells.  Professor Trevor Lithgow will lead a research team that will study the structure and assembly of protein transport machines in bacterial cell membranes, where they play key roles in bacterial function and infectious disease. 

The ARC Super Science Fellows will join research staff and students in the Monash Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Chemistry, the NHMRC Program in Cellular Microbiology, the NHMRC Program in Protease Systems Biology and ARC Centre of Excellence in Microbial and Structural Genomics.

Link to Lithgow Lab

Link to Whisstock Lab