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Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedic)

This degree prepares students for employment as paramedics. Paramedics provide health care for individuals experiencing a vast array of emergency and health related events in the community. Paramedics initiate care and determine the appropriate referral of patients to enable their continuing healthcare needs. A paramedic is also required to liaise with a range of professionals to facilitate appropriate healthcare needs of persons in the community.

Paramedics must be able to think clearly, act quickly, possess a calm manner and have the ability to reassure patients and handle stressful situations. They must have personal integrity and be able to work with people from many different backgrounds. A paramedic responds to both emergency and non-emergency healthcare and transport needs. A paramedic is also required to be able to respond to major incidents in a range of settings within a multidisciplinary emergency healthcare system.

Paramedics are predominantly employed by government ambulance services while a range of opportunities continue to develop in the non-emergency patient transport sector and a wide range of industry based employers.

Prospective Students


Applicants for Internal Transfer (Monash students only)

In order to be eligible you must have passed at least the first year of your current degree and not be studying in your final year for the current enrolment period. We recommend for all applicants to enrol into their current degree for the following enrolment period and only discontinue from that course if they receive a formal offer of an internal transfer.

Offers are made in late December or early January of each year.

Application forms & closing dates can found at the following link

Applications should be sent to:

Monash University
Department of Community Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice
P.O. Box 527
Frankston, 3199



Current Student Enquires
T: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274) or
Submit an enquiry at ask monash

Future Student Enquires
T: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274) or
Submit an enquiry here