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Male Infertility & Germ Cell Biology Laboratory

Professor Moira O'Bryan

We study sperm development and function and the causes of human male infertility.


Approximately 1 in 20 Australian men are infertile and for the majority of these individuals, there is no specific diagnosis. Sperm development is a fascinating process that requires the co-ordinated activation of thousands of genes. It involves stem cell renewal, meiosis, cell changes and complex post-translational mechanisms, which regulate sperm function. We use models of infertility and cell biology assays to define key proteins and pathways for fertility. This research has direct implications for the diagnosis of human infertility, and the development of therapies and contraceptives.



Research Group

Research Fellows

Dr Duangporn Jamsai

Dr Kathleen DeBoer

Dr Adam Koppers


Research Assistants

Ms Stephanie Smith

Ms Anne O’Connor

Ms Jo Merriner

Mr Brett Clark

Mr Francesco Marino


PhD Students

Ms Jennifer Lo




NHMRC Project Grant:

·     Cysteine-rich secretory protein regulation of ion channels in male fertility and prostate cancer. (2010-2012)

·     A new model of asthenospermia and a candidate gene for multiple ciliopathies. (2010-2012)

·     Human sperm-oocyte interaction (2009-2011).


ARC Discovery Grant:

·     A novel DNA damage repair protein as a regulator of DNA double strand break repair and genome integrity. (2011-2013)


Monash IVF Research Grant:

·     Studies on the genetic basis of male and idiopathic infertility, and the trans-generational health of children conceived through ART.


NHMRC Enabling Grants:

·     Australian Centre for Vertebrate Mutation Detection (2007-2011).

·     ‘The Australian Phenome Bank’ (2010-2011)


National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme:

·     Extension for the Australian Phenomics Network. (2010-2011)


Education Investment Fund:

·     Infrastructure grant to underpin the Australian Phenomics Network. (2010-2113)




Professor Moira O'Bryan



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